Screen with lightning bolt and error written many times all over it

My site is broken!

Websites are such a big part of our daily lives, it’s easy to forget they’re complicated pieces of software.  WordPress sites in particular have a lot of moving parts, often contributed by many different teams.  Our developers have a ton of experience solving all manner of problems on WordPress sites.

Tell us what is happening, turn us loose, and we’ll find a solution to your issue.  We have a proven track record of resolving issues in a timely manner, and our process is specifically designed to not only solve your problem, but…

  • Create a positive user experience by listening to you and showing that we value your input as part of our problem-solving team
  • Carefully manage risks by creating backup restore points and using staging instances rather than working on your live website
  • Assure quality by thoroughly testing our work before handing it over for you to review
graphic of 4 screens with different malware alerts

My site was hacked!

Discovering you’ve been hacked can make you feel incredibly violated.  Thinking about the fact that almost every site on the internet is constantly being probed for weaknesses by automated malware agents can make you feel vulnerable even if your site hasn’t been hacked.  What if it has been hacked, and you just don’t know yet?

Website security is a specialized science, and between our in-house expertise and partnership with gold-standard experts, Sucuri, we’ve got you covered.

Malware Prevention

The first step to site security is prevention.  So if you haven’t been hacked, subscribe to our Essential Support service to get the minimum protection of site hardening, regular backups, and malware scans.  For added peace of mind, subscribe to Advanced Support to add more advanced security protection managed by Sucuri.

Malware Removal

If your site has been hacked, then don’t wait.  Let us begin evaluating your site.  We’ll create a plan, take steps to remove the malware, look for ways to harden your site to prevent future incursions, and get you back in control of your site.

three snails heading for a finish line

My site is slow!

Poor performance is something that hurts your brand by irritating your visitors, and can even hurt your search engine ranking.  If your site feels sluggish, let us do a performance audit.  We’ll review your site, create a plan to improve performance, and help make sure people don’t associate your business with wasting their time.

street with buildings warped and askew

Something just isn’t right

Maybe there’s something we haven’t mentioned here, or maybe… you just can’t put your finger on what’s wrong.  Let’s talk about your business and how your website relates to it.  We can perform a site audit, and work with a designer and strategist to develop a plan that will bring your site into alignment with your business goals, and make sure it’s working as hard as you do.