Want to improve your Search Engine Ranking?

Try adding schema markup to your site. It helps search engines place your content into context, and helping search engines understand your content is generally going to boost your SEO.

As a bonus, since they understand your site better, search engines may display additional information about the page, and that will make your result stand out and be more attractive. If your page ranks highly, and the search engine decides to highlight your page, the markup will help it decide how to present it.

When I talk about placing your content into context, I mean you can specify things like…

  • This is my company’s logo
  • This is my company’s physical address
  • This is my contact form
  • These are products or services I sell
  • This is the main navigation menu for my site

If you’re a theme coder, I recommend you start incorporating schema markup into your themes. If you’re not, here’s a great WordPress plugin to help get you started: https://wordpress.org/plugins/schema/.

Here is where you go to learn more about Schema markup: https://schema.org/

In the attached example, you see how schema markup in JSON_LD format is used to self-describe an Avengers Endgame movie review: https://www.commonsensemedia.org/movie-rev…/avengers-endgame.