Slides: Make Your CSS Cross-Browser Compatible

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Slides: Make Your CSS Cross-Browser Compatible

Here are slides from my Lightning talk at the WordPress Seattle Lightning Talks & Help Desk Meetup, July 17, 2018. Please feel free to add constructive comments, corrections, alternative solutions, and your own advice.

Talk Description

Patrick discusses strategies and resources to help make your CSS more compatible across browsers. We’ll touch on which deciding which browsers to support, Progressive Enhancement vs. Graceful Degradation, finding which rules to use, and testing strategies.

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About the Author:

Patrick is the Principal at Golden Path Solutions, a WordPress development business where he works with teams to create awesome themes and plugins, improve websites, and solve problems. After graduating with his masters in Computer Science, he headed the IT department for a business specializing in geospatial technology for agriculture. He later transitioned to a project management position at a major agrochemical retailer where he earned his Project Management Professional certification. At the start of 2013, Patrick relocated to the Pacific Northwest and founded Golden Path Solutions where he continues to pursue his passion: improving people’s lives by making super cool software for the web.

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